Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Year and still not blogging LOL

Okay so here it is the 10th of January and this is my first post, how shameful huh?

Not much to report, finally went to see the doctor and am biting the bullet and finally seeing a specialist to deal with these "female problems". Should see him in February and then maybe I will get my life back...YEAH!!!!!!

Also going to try to quit smoking again, the date for this is January 23rd, choosing Logan's birthday so it will be a reminder for me and a day that changed my life once before. Wish me luck!

I'll leave you with this photo from Christmas Eve. Of course I told the kids I wanted a nice shot of the three of them. Logan and Carly amazingly enough complied, but my comedian Evan had to blow it all. He decided that since he wasn't sure that Santa would bring him a Nintendo Wii, that he would appeal to a higher source and chose to pray for one (note...this didn't work either, he didn't get one LOL), naturally he chose to do it on camera for me..that's a darned good thing he is cute, huh? **take note of yet another injury on the boy too, the scratches on his face the result of a failed landing while sliding at school just before the holidays began...sighhhhhhhhhhh

Have a great day!