Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finally some sunshine~

It's a beautiful day here today and of course I am stuck here doing laundry and waiting for it to be time to head to bowling league.
Why did I join bowling league you ask? I haven't a freaking clue, but atleast the girls and I can share a few giggles and get out of the house for a few hours a week I suppose.

Been busy, busy, busy lately. Working on all the details for the LOVEBUG National Scrapbooking Day Online Crop May 3, 2008.

Better get off my duff and the computer and get ready to be laughed at by all the old ladies in our humiliating to be out-bowled by 70 year olds...sighhh....LOL

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!

GOTCHA! No, I am not pregnant (she says thankfully, I figured out what was causing that and STOPPED) LOL

This your newest edition of "What Evan Says"

I'm sure you have all seen the commercial for home pregnancy tests, right? The one that says "The best piece of technology you'll ever pee on..."

Anyway, Evan too has seen these commercials and has a new annoying habit (okay, granted it was funny the first couple of times, now, not so much).
He heads to the bathroom and avails himself of the facilities (so that is my polite way of saying he pees). When he comes out of the best room, he grins as big as he can and says

"Ahhhhhhhhhh....toilets....the best piece of technology I'll ever pee on!" Bwahahahaha

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bad Blogger...Good Family Connections!

So once again I have neglected my blog...sighhhh...

Well Logan and his team went to the Provincial bowling championships, they didn't win Gold but they won the Bronze and I couldn't be prouder!

It is March break here this week and I am staring in the face of Hannah Montana overload. We broke down and let the kids get themselves a Wii and there is a HM game that has been on almost nonstop for the last 3 days....oh my......

Not much else to report, I am trying to finish a layout finally.

Oh, I forgot! While in Thunder Bay last weekend, my Aunt Bev gave me a bag full of treasures! Family heritage photos that made my heart skip a beat! I found one of my Grandmother as a baby, taken in 1904. The similarities of it along with other baby photos of the family reached out and grabbed me and I had to do a layout immediately. Here it is, blurry and colors out of whack but the layout is there LOL