Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim!!!!!!

Today is my nephew Tim's champagne birthday, turning 19 on the 19th, pretty cool huh?
Tim is an amazing young man whom I have blogged about before, but here is a pic of the adorable fella anyway. Boy oh boy do I love this kid...ummm...I mean man...really I's just hard to wrap my mind around LOL
Been busier than a one-armed paper hanger but I promise to come back and try to post more this weekend.
Logan made me a beautiful ice candle that I am dying to show you all, but since it is currently -45 Celcius with the windchill there is no way I am going outside to snap a picture right now.
have a lovely day everyone

Thursday, December 11, 2008

All Moms...You Have to Watch this

Okay, so one of my favorite stops on my Blog Travels is to the blog of Dawn Meehan, her blog is called "Because I Said So"...anyway, if you are a mom, had a mom, are about to become a mom or know a mom, you can relate to this.
Dawn's blog always makes me giggle, I can so relate to this woman LOL

Check out her blog video, the 12 Days of literally brought me to tears...of laughter that is...this could be me...only she has better hair and more guts, cuz there ain't no way you'll catch me singing online

Oh My! It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas???

Okay I knew it had been a bit since I posted, just didn't realize it had been this long.
You all know how it is when the holiday season starts, right?
So, between shopping...ughhhh...Christmas get togethers and events at the schools etc, I have been scrapping,surprised? Yeah, me too!
Yesterday I went and volunteered at the Royal Canadian Legion, they put on a Christmas lunch for all of New Prospect School. Both Evan and Carly went and really enjoyed it. They had the whole shebang, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, ham, dessert, hot chocolate. A good time was had by all.
Tomorrow Logan will have his turkey dinner at Pinewood School and I'm sure he will enjoy that as well, but I'm not volunteering for that one, tomorrow is my scrapping day with Courtney...yeah!
So, here's a few layouts that I have done in the last little bit. Hope you enjoy, and remember you can click them to make them larger.
The first bunch was all made with the November Lovebug Kit, I loved this kit!

This is one of My Girls, Amanda and Courtney, these gals just make me smile!

Those of you who read my blog on a more regular basis than that with which I post to it, will remember the dreaded Webkinz incident, right?

And just a few randoms, one of my current "make me smile" layouts is the "Have Her Cake and Eat Her Too", just makes me happy.