Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WTF Wednesday

so my girl Kirsten posted an interesting new game on her blog, called I Wonder Why responding to her post I felt a need to carry the tradition here to my blog and go with one of her other choices of a title for the game (see I have no compunction to trying to control my temper these days, I just don't care right now LOL)...

So here is the post I made on Kirsten's blog and thought to share it with you all.
Come on give me a reply and tell me your WTF?

Oh let me play, let me play...

I wonder why there are 3..that's right 3 rolls of toilet paper sitting on my vanity in the bathroom and the toilet paper holder remains empty?

I wonder why there are 5 rolls of toothpaste on the go right now in my bathroom and all but one (MINE!) had been squeezed in the middle?

I wonder why there is a pile of laundry sitting on my bathroom floor right beside the laundry hamper?

I'm sensing a theme here, perhaps that my life is filled with crappy things?...maybe I should post this on my own blog LOL **insert that yes indeed I copied and pasted from my reply to Kirsten and am too darned lazy to backspace and remove this with it LOL

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Life...the Centre of a Crap Storm

It's been awhile since my last confession...okay so it isn't a confession and I'm not Catholic, but I wanted to start on a light note today.
Life has been..what's the word I'm looking for? Suckish? Is that even a word? It is now so deal with it.
So my trusty (NOT) van broke down and my local dealer fixed it...okay so what's $750 at this point, right? Well me, being the genius I am, told them, that was not the whole problem, I understand the braking system needed some work, but that doesn't explain why it wouldn't start, why my wipers have no power etc, there is something else wrong. Oh no they proclaim, it's fine. Okay says me, the moron and takes it off the lot. Fast forward 4 days with me....I am nervous about the van and only driving it when I need to as I know there is still something wrong.
Yep, Saturday the van won't start after I am done at Shoppers' Drug Mart. Logan calls his Dad and he comes to boost it and it starts so we endeavor to get it home without me shaking like a leaf, crying hysterically or vomiting in fear...
Within 2 blocks, I no longer have any readings on my dash, including mileage etc etc..the only light I have on is the freaking ABS light...AGAIN! Within another 2 blocks of that I now have no signals, my windows won't the last 4 blocks home, we now discover that the power locks won't work and basically nothing is functioning properly.
So, back to the shop it goes with a not very nicely worded note from me for the mechanics which was followed up with a not very nice phone call to them this morning to inform them that the piece of crap is once again parked in their lot and I would actually like to have it fixed this time.......GRRRRRR
On top of that, a woman I know, the mother of one of my Evan's best friends in in hospital gravely ill, don't want to give too many details as all those I have are second hand at best and are somewhat contradictory..the consensus though is that she is not doing well and the prognosis is not good. My heart is breaking, this woman is my age, has 2 children, a boy the same age as Evan (7) and a daughter who I believe is 9 or 10. The fear in me is what and how much to tell my kids, how do you let them know what is going on without scaring the bejesus out of them? The last thing you want is your children fearing that a mom can die when she gets sick..let's face it I get colds and stuff all the time, should my kids have to be in fear that I will just not be there the next day?
If it's a tough decision ,one that we have put on hold for now until more information is available. We are praying for her full recovery and that all will work out for them. Please say an extra little prayer today even if you don't know her, we all know people who good use a little extra boost, right?
Apologies for a long, rambling and completely un-fun post today, but gosh it feels good to get it off my chest...
Blessings to all

Friday, March 13, 2009


Woohoo, it's finally time for the next Lovebug online crop.
Starts tonight at 7 pm CST sharp...okay, probably not sharp because I am the first poster and I tend to get distracted by shiny things like glitter sometimes...but I digress...

You can find more details here on the Lovebug Blog too, it's new and we would love for you all to pop by and leave us some comments

The crop will run all weekend, with challenges, games, hunts, giggles, prizes and RAKS...what's not to like about that?

It is going to be SWEET and there are going to be some guilt-free calories involved...intrigued yet???????

So, are you going to play with us? Post here and let me know and then go to the Lovebug blog and post there too....don't ask why...just do what the heck you are told, okay? Geesh...always with the questions..........bwahahahahahaa

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweets & Treats Online Crop

I can't believe I forgot to tell you all.

Friday March 13th is the start of the Lovebug Sweets & Treats Online Crop, 7 pm CST.

We are going to have a ton of SWEET challenges for you all and you just know that Denise is going to have some SWEET prizes too!

Check out the suggested supply list HERE and be sure to join us in the forum next Friday evening for a ton of fun!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Want to win a $20 Gift Certificate?

Thought that might get your attention!

Be sure to go and check out the new Lovebug Blog, it's as easy as posting a comment.
Send all your friends too, if they win, they might be inclined to share the wealth with you!