Friday, December 14, 2007

A Message from Above - Just What I Needed!!!

Well yesterday was one of "Those" days. My kids didn't have school, the buses had been cancelled. Good behavior was not on the menu for them. They have been doing more than their fair share of fighting, yelling etc and I was having a "I don't want to be a Mom" today days. I'm sure we've all had them.
On top of that, the local paper mill where my husband is employed did their annual "Christmas Cheer" thing and announced the shutting down of a machine and the loss of 125 jobs. Merry freaking Christmas, huh? Thankfully my husband and brother-in-law are not losing their jobs (yet) so we can breathe a little bit, atleast until they make the next announcement.
Well, once again during a dark time for me, my Mom was my savior.
My Dad had called and wanted me to scan a few family layouts for him to send out so I was digging in the linen closet where all the albums are. Onto my head falls my Grade 12 High School yearbook. So, to avoid being hurt again and because I felt a need to look at it, I opened it up.
Staring me directly in the face on the inside front cover were all the inscriptions from friends and classmates, but one jumped out at me immediately.
I had forgotten that I had Mom sign my yearbook and seeing her handwriting and reading her oh so true words were exactly what I needed yesterday to shake away those blues. If you click on the photo you can see a larger view and read the words that changed the whole course of my day. Love you Mom, even though you have been gone for over 15 years now, you are still there for me everyday!

Oh, and to clarify for some who may be confused...many of my friends call me Kat, and in my younger days "Kitty Kat", so my mom was referred to by me and my friends as "Momma Kitty", how cute is that, huh?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Love those Lovebugs

Well, what a bad bad blogger I am.

But I have to show you all the lovely 40th birthday gift I received from my fellow team mates at Lovebug.

Each item was so totally me, I was so touched by the effort and time they put into putting these goodies together. Don't look too closely though, the macadamia shortbread cookie box is empty (I ate them all)!

Thanks Team, I love you all!

And here's a closeup. Aren't these awesome? Anyone who knows me, knows my love for coffee and those mints are the funniest thing I have seen in a long time, I see them coming in very handy to me LOL