Friday, September 26, 2008

UNbelievable fUN at the UNcrop!

Further to my last post about so many of my Lovebug pals attending the Crop for Kids this weekend, I am feeling very Alice in Wonderland and am having an UNofficial, UNsanctioned, UNscheduled, UNline crop at Lovebug.

Come on over and join in the fun, I'll be posting challenges in honor of all my Lovebug friends at the CFK throughout the weekend, so pop in often and see what is going on and play along with us.

The more the merrier..

UNcrop You are UNvited!!!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Instead of Pouting..

Well since so many of my BC online friends are lucky enough to be attending the BC Crop for Kids this coming weekend, and I am not, I have decided to do something productive instead of pouting. My girls Denise and Margo will both be teaching at the event, so if you are lucky enough to be attending, be sure to stop in and tell the girls that Kat says "hello". Several other online friend will also be there teaching and scrapping so say "hello" to them too for me.

While all my girls will be cropping away (and no doubt crying in their glitter at the sad fact that I am not there with them *wink*) I am going to do a little impromptu online crop for the rest of the Lovebugs who aren't going.
So, if you want to come and play with us Friday Sept 26th sometime in the evening and throughout that weekend, pop by the forum, the more the merrier.

Myself and the rest of the Team will also be having an official online crop on the weekend of October 3 - 5, lots of challenges and fun, so hope to see you there.
Back tomorrow (she says hopefully) with some fun photos and maybe even a little video from my Evan's birthday party yesterday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Way Funner Post

After my little venting post of yesteday, let's make things more fun, shall we?

Here are some great little things that make me smile...enjoy!

Principles of Fun

In The Motherhood

Things I Have Learned In My Life

And this video clip, (taken by accident by my dear friend Tanya) when I was in Toronto in 2005. This is my "go to" when I am feeling down and need a good chuckle.
There is a tad of colorful language (not too much), so make sure no kids around.
Are these laughs not the best, that's my girl Tanya cackling. I MISS YOU GIRLS!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Have you ever been disappointed?

By people you thought were friends? Okay so those I am speaking of for the most part are only "online" names to me, but I feel we have formed friendships. Now most of these are genuine and true and mean more to me than words can say.
But there are others who I "thought" were like that that have disappointed and saddened me of late.
You all know that Lovebug is my online home, I adore the place and the people there.
I work hard to put up fun and different events for our members and time and time again my ideas have been "borrowed". For the most part I take it as a compliment, but when it comes to those who have played them with me on there and "know" me, and then take the ideas to other sites and take them on as their own ideas, it just really gets to me. A simple, quick email of "I loved what you did with the Canada Games/Olympics event, would love to share it with others, is that okay?" or something like that would go a long way, kwim? And yes that was a BIG hint about what the most recent "borrowed" (using the term loosely as I am striving to be polite) was, and the worst part is several other "friends" took part in the borrowed event and didn't bother to tell me I had been plaguarized either. If only ideas could be copyrighted huh?
When I began at LB, I borrowed an idea for a contest from a dear friend Traci who had an amazing online site (sadly she has sold it and I don't play there anymore, long story for another time), but before implementing the idea, I talked with Traci at length and got her approval and when I posted the contest, I gave her all the credit for the original idea, it's the right thing to do, isn't it? Or am I just too worried about "right" and "wrong", who knows? LOL
Sigh, I guess I just take these things too seriously, don't I? I know where the idea came from and I know how hard I worked at it (along with the rest of my team) and I can rest easy knowing that I did it myself, I wonder if my "friends" can say the same thing, I don't think so...
Anyway rant over, going to play will all my lovely new scrapping goodies that arrived yesterday and put myself in my happy place.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Beckoning of Lovely

Reading the blog of one of my fav people Cathy Zielske this morning has prompted me to do several things today.
I am going to library, I need to find a book, called Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life
byAmy Krouse Rosenthal.
The other thing I am doing is right now, I am posting this link to this video and I hope that you will all take a few minutes and watch it. It is completely awe inspiring and amazing.
Sending happy thoughts and wishing blessings to you all.
I don't know what I am going to do, but I am determined that this will be something I will participate in in some way.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh for the love of Pop Tarts, I have a runaway son

Well, my boy Evan ran away last's how it began
3:55 pm home from school, Evan eats 2 granola bars, 1 bowl apple sauce
5:15 pm supper time, Evan eats 1 large baked potato, 2 plates of barbq ribs and 2 plates of peas and carrots
5:45 pm Evan is foraging in the cupboards, spots the Pop Tarts (now if you know me you know that it is very rare there is anything like that in my house so he is instantly psyched)
5:46 pm Mom (me) says "there is no way you can still be hungry, get out of the cupboard and put those Pop Tarts away"
5:46 1/2 pm Evan slams the cupboard, glares at Mom and yells "that's IT! I am OUT of HERE!"
5:47 pm much slamming and grumbling from Evan's room
5:49 pm Evan exits his room carrying an overnight bag and reiterates "I am OUT of HERE!"
5:50 pm Mom says "Don't forget a jacket, it's going to get cold tonight and don't forget you aren't allowed to cross the road by yourself"
5:50 1/2 pm Outside door slams amid more grumbling of which I am certain I heard the words "that woman makes me crazy"
5:55 pm Mom peeks out the back window to see where her wayward son is...
5:56 pm Mom the scrapbooker can't resist a few shots and sneaks out the door to snap a few pics **PLOT POINT - REMEMBER YOU CAN CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO GET A LARGER IMAGE- **

6:00 pm Aforementioned wayward son notices Mom taking photos and slumps into the house amidst more muttering, again of which I am certain that I heard the words "her and that freaking camera"

6:15 pm Mom is so thoroughly amused by the incident (and the fact she now has some great shots to scrapbook, backs down and allows the boy a Pop Tart... but alas she is too overcome with the giggles to take a picture of the boy eating it, might have to stage that photo later for the effect LOL
And being in a Google kind of mood, I stumbled upon this today and thought it so totally appropriate

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sparks, Beavers and Bugs..oh my!

Well yesterday all 3 kids had good days at school, yeah!
In order of conversation, these are the comments:

Carly - "I had a GREAT DAY!"
Evan - "okay", from his teacher "I had a wonderful day with Evan today"
Logan - (in all his preteen "angst") - "not one single person annoyed me today"

After school was community registration night, of course Paul stopped off at his brother's before coming home so I had to take all 3 rugrats with me (yep, he IS going to pay big time for that!).

Evan (7) wanted to do Karate, so I filled out 5 sheets of registration work, wrote a check for $125 to cover the first session and proceeded in a non-orderly fashion to check out gymnastics for the girl.

$355 for 1 hour/week for her to learn to do somersaults? And I have to GUARANTEE that I or someone I send "volunteers" atleast once a month or I have to pay even more...ummm, NOT HAPPENING!

So we move on to the "Sparks", this is the younger girls version of Brownies/Girl Guides. It is only $125 from Sept - April, 1 evening a week, completely doable. She is very excited about it, they of course do all kinds of arts/crafts etc which Carly adores and all kinds of other fun stuff, plus 3 of her best buds were in line to sign up right behind her so she is a happy girl!

Now back to the Karate thing..Evan spots the Beavers/Cubs booth next to Sparks, he is intrigued. He strolls over with his "I'm too cool for my Spiderman shirt" attitude and strikes up a conversation with the nice gentlemen manning the booth.
Before I know it, he has registration forms in his hand and is giving me a pen...ummm, okay.. He has decided he now wants to be a Beaver, this is cool by me as they teach them all kinds of nature stuff, they do hikes, games etc and it is a general faith-based program as well, and only $150 for the year, he goes 1 evening a week too. So now he is a Beaver.
This of course means we have to go stand in the Karate line again, and I ever so nicely explain to the "nice lady" that I would like my cheque back and to remove Evan from the list, she is not particularly thrilled and gives me one of "those" looks...pfffffffft, whatever lady, he has been signed up for what 15 minutes? Give me a break LOL

Logan (11) is of course doing bowling again he loves it and excels at it, but he has also decided he wants to try curling so he will be doing that as well. Fun stuff I tell ya.

And me, being me, what am I thinking about this? Sparks=pretty pink uniform and sash
Beavers= adorable little brown and blue vest and hat
Curling= new sport with lots of red and blue on the ice

Now, the "bugs" part. Logan, by nature, is not a complainer, last evening he was saying his ear hurt, we assumed he had some water in it from swimming and shuffled him off to bed. By midnight he was still awake and almost in tears with the pain, I as always told him, he needed to decide if he needed to see the doctor or not (my kids hate going to the doctor so if they are even faking a little bit, this is the part where they get miraculously cured), he said he thought he should go. So off we go after midnight, heading to the ER. Yep, his left ear is very red inside and "bulging" according to the doc, so they gave him a dose of antibiotics and a prescription for me to fill today. Poor guy loves his new school and the Fine Arts Program and was all set to go to school today anyway, but he realized he just wasn't up to it, so he is home today.

Well that's it for now, maybe I'll be back late, have some photos to post of my cousin David and his family who came for a nice visit last week.

Have a great day all

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Countdown to Freedom LOL

Tomorrow is my light at the end of the tunnel day, all 3 of the kiddos start school, full days and all 5 days woohoo!
Don't get me wrong, I adore my children and wouldn't trade them for anything, but this summer has had me feeling something like this...

Of course you realize that being the pathetic fool I am that I will be excited until approximately noon and then be bored out of my mind, right?
I have such a long list of things I want to accomplish now that school is starting up and we can get back on some sort of schedule.
First on the list is to get back to doing my Wii Fit again, no way was I going to let all of "me" wiggle and jiggle with the kids home to make fun of me, I will keep the jiggling to myself thank you very much LOL

To those who have been emailing about my surgery earlier in August, thanks so much. So far, so good, a cycle has passed and so far nothing so I have high hopes that the ablation is a success, won't really know much until a few cycles have passed though. But, the fact that I have gone over 3 weeks with no bleeding is a positive in my books (sorry if TMI, but since I don't think anyone but my loyal few read this, I feel free to elaborate) LOL

Anyhooooooooo, off to the library, I'll likely be back tomorrow to whine about my boredom and lack of drive to do anything on my "to do" list...

Have a good one everyone!!!!!!!