Thursday, February 26, 2009


Okay so most of you know that I am working part-time casual right now, generally only 2 shifts/week from 9:30 am - 1 pm.
So tell me why it is that those 2 days/week seem to be the only days of the week that my kids get sick and need to stay home from school?
Thankfully the boss is a Mom and knows too well what's it like with sick kids and the deal when I hired on was that if the buses got cancelled, it was a PD day or the kids got sick I didn't come in to work, but geesh....I have had to bow out of 3 of my last 6 shifts between ice storms and flus....
Okay, vent over...
I am scheduled to work tomorrow morning, so let's all keep our fingers crossed that there is no storm and no vomiting in my future.........

And on an unrelated note (or two)..

Some big stuff coming up on Lovebug, so stay tuned

And, I miss Courtney LOL She is away with the family in Florida (where I am sure it is MUCH MUCH warmer than it is here) and I can't wait for her to get home so we can chat and play.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Two...Count 'Em Two...Posts in One Day? VIDEO FIXED NOW

But this is just too wonderful not to share.

Finally a theme song I can get behind LOL


It's a Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh day

Not sure why, it's bright and sunny for a change, but having one of those heavy sigh kind of days.
Kids are home from school for a PD day, but they are getting along great and behaving quite nicely today and still


Every have those days?
Come on people, talk to me here, I need to know I'm not the only one

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good Times, Good Friends

What an amazing week.
My dear friend Nicky is moving from Hellifax (no, that isn't a typo, believe me Halifax as NOT for her) to Vancouver and graced us with a visit on her travels. She arrived Monday early evening and I finally allowed her to leave on Friday morning.
So sorry to see her leave, but I know she is on to bigger and better things for sure.
Of course a visit with Nicky is always filled with much laughter and fun, and so I invited my friend Courtney over "to play" as well.
We scrapped the day away and of course much silliness ensued.
I love this photo of the three of us together.

Of course I also love these 3 pics, with all of us being goofy beyond words...scrap supplies are obviously not just for scrapping anymore LOL

Courtney...A Flapper at Heart, we drew the line at hanging Queen & Co felt from her shirt

Of course, I am so coquetish (it's a word...look it up!) aren't I? And would you look at the size of "my girls"...amazing what packing materials can do!

Nicky apparently has some "issues" and so has signed herself up for a 12 step program (otherwise known as Chipboard Letters for Everything Anonymous)

See, now you are all sad you couldn't come and play too, aren't you? Come on over, the door is always open my friends...