Monday, June 22, 2009

Oy Vey......10 days since last post?

I officially suck as a blogger, but will it help if I dazzle you with my adorable yet trying children?
Here's some pics from last weekend when we went to Sandy Beach park to enjoy some sun
Click on the pics to get a closer view if you can stand all that adorableness in one sitting. They're cute I tell you, damned cute, and I don't say that lightly LOL

My Little Model, isn't she gorgeous? Carly knows how to strike a pose.

The Evster....seeking some solitude in Zen-like fashion no doubt? (okay so I forgot to re-orient the picture, just tilt your head for crying out loud)

Look at the smile on this face, with all the pre-teen angst, it is sure a welcome sight to see Logan looking this happy

"Patience grasshopper" were Evan's exact words as he tried to teach Carly and Logan how to correctly skip stones. That boy is a natural...Logan and Carly weren't quite as successful

Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy as a One-Armed Paper Hanger

phew..things here have been so hectic, working a lot while the Dryden Jewellers Retirement sale is on, been quite busy so atleast the hours go by fast.

My apologies in advance for the less than stellar photos, my beloved camera has passed on and I have resorted to using Logan's 4MP Kodak for the time being, geesh Paul needs to get back to work soon (is it July 6th yet?) for many reasons LOL

Logan performed his first official concert with the Fine Arts program on the 3rd of June, they played 2 songs and while he looked about to vomit before they began, he did well as did the rest of the class.

Carly, despite the bike incident mentioned in a previous post, joined the Bike Rodeo at school and did a great job. She was more excited I think that her Dad could actually attend as well, this layoff is good for that atleast, Paul usually misses out on all these things when he is working.

And Evan...well what can you say about Evan? He as usually cracks me up.
This morning he got up to inform me he had "the best dream of his life". In said dream, he was misbehaving in the playground at school and Mrs Ecker (Caley to all you folks who know her LOL)took him for a ride in her car, a Chevy Malibu to be specific (which is odd since I think she drives a van and I have no idea how he even knows what a Malibu is..but I digress). Some "moron" apparently cut them off during this drive and so Caley had to drive over a few lawns on the way to her house. Once at the house, Evan and Caley played a vigorous game of street hockey with the girls' equipment and then they headed back to school for lunch...hmmmmmm....wonder what a Dream Analysis book would say about this?????

Well, off to get ready to go to Pinewood School. Today is Activity and Family Picnic Day and I have the day off so away I go. Hopefully pictures to follow later.