Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year and Fresh Start

Okay, I knew it had been awhile since I posted, but August? Really??????

I won't even attempt to catch everyone up then, suffice to say that life goes on and it's been the same general lunacy as usual.

How about some scrappy news? We are blasting off into the New Year at Lovebug with an online crop January 22 - 24th, come and check it out. 2010: A Lovebug Odyssey There are going to be challenges, games and of course prizes, bring a friend along, the more the merrier.

Also the Lovebug 60 Page Club is starting again, bigger and better than ever, so be sure to check that out too.

On the home front, I am heavily in denial that I will be the mother of teenager in another week. I have decided that Logan is NOT going to be thirteen. He will forever more be referred to as One Three, or my personal favorite "not twelve". I am totally not prepared to be the mother of teen..where did the time go???

And many of my dear friends are going through tough times right now and without giving too much detail, if everyone could send out some extra positive thoughts and prayers on behalf of Heidi and on behalf of Jeff and Nancy and family I would be eternally grateful.

That's all for now I think, but I will promise to try to be back. (There you go Jillian *wink*)


Jillian said...

Well, *wink* right back atcha, Kat!! Yay, you did it!! And so promptly, too! Thank you for providing such efficient service! :) As far as being the mother of a not-12 year old goes...I like to think of it as your time to think, "Wow! I'm not nearly old enough to be the mother of a teenager!". At least, that's how I deal with it. I just marvel at how young I am! Keep up the good work, Kat! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kat, I have been stopping in now and again to see if you were posting again and when I say on LB that you were starting I thought Yippy......Love reading about your kids and the antics of Evans. I am looking forward to making this a regual stop again.