Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy, busy, blah, blah, blah

Well the last few weeks have been busy and blah at the same time.
First the blah, still no job prospects in sight and some days I'm okay with that, others it cuts me to the bone and I am struggling with feelings of disappointment, sadness, uselessness etc etc. No worries folks, it isn't like I'm despondent or suicidal just a little blue. I keep reminding myself that things will turn out as they are meant to and that I have to hold on to my faith, but you all know sometimes that is easier said than done. But I will survive, I just might not be enjoying the ride right now is all.
Now for the busy. Logan made the Junior Boys 4 Steps to Stardom Bowling team again this year for our lanes and the tournament was this past weekend. They won GOLD!!!
Woohoo boys, well done.
They will be heading to Timmins on March 6 & 7 for the Provincials and I hope they do well. We won't be travelling with him this time. He will go on the bus with all the other bowlers and coaches and will be billeted out while he is in Timmins. He is a little nervous as of course he is a pretty shy kid, but he is also a really polite and wonderful kid and I know he will be fine. That being said of course my nerves are frazzled at the mere thought of one of my kids being that far away from me on his own. Thank God my godson/nephew Tim is one of the coaches and he will be there too so I take comfort in knowing that Logan isn't completely without family.
Here are some pics of the boys and their amazingly sweet coach.
This is the team BEFORE the winners were announced (of course that is my amazingly handsome son in the back row beside the coach)

And this is the team AFTER they got their gold medals, atleast some of them changed expressions...geesh Lord save us from moody teen and pre-teen boys LOL (oh how love when I see my boy smiling and happy, he's the first on the left don't you know LOL)

And on another note, don't forget there is another fun blog hop starting on Saturday, it all starts on the Lovebug Blog

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