Monday, April 12, 2010

Too Much to Say...A Drive By Posting

and so little time LOL Okay so it was pointed out to me that I haven't updated this blog in awhile, and I have no excuses except the usual of no time. So here's a quick synapsis of the last with photos! LOL

* As stated in my previous post, Logan's Junior Boys team went to Timmins, Ontario for the Provincial Bowling tournament. They won a silver medal and I am so proud of them. Logan did some of his best bowling ever with scores of 194, 261, 286 and 196..and the best part of it is that he had an absolute blast!

Check out the video of one his strikes and pay particular attention to the little butt wiggle when he realizes he nailed it LOL

And when he got home after his 15 hour each way bus trip, the kids and I made him this cake

* My newest great-nephew Matthew Scott Polhill came for a visit and totally stole my heart.

* We made this adorable Easter bunny cake for Easter

* We had an amazing evening with my cousin Gail when we went to see Garthmania starring Garrick Sissons from Thunder Bay. He put on an amazing show and as you can see from these photos, we had a blast!!!!!!!!!! If he and his band No Fences are ever in your area, be sure to get yourself tickets, it is well worth it.

And for the newest Lovebug news, like the return of Lovebug Loot, come and visit us at the forum, we would love to see you!


Just 'T' said...

He's a pretty good look-a-like for Garth~ Glad to hear it was a blast

Jamie V said...

WOW Kat.. crazy bowling scores!

Great look-a-like, why are you liking your daughter? You're a nut!

Love the upside down lemon meringue recipe..

Keep on updating girl!

Carla said...

GREAT update! See, you do have exciting stuff to post about :-)
Loved the pics!

Jillian said...

Thanks, Kat!! :)

15 hour bus ride - one way x 2?! Wow! That's dedication!

Your great grand-nephew is adorable!! I still can't wrap my head around you being a great-aunt...

Love all the pics - I agree with Carla - you do have lots of exciting stuff to blog about. Oh, and that Easter cake is the BEST!! :)